MediCupping, also known as Medical Massage Cupping and Vacuum Therapy, is relatively new to the massage therapy world. Although its true origins are unknown, this unique form of bodywork can be traced back to ancient healing traditions of China, Egypt, and Greece, which utilize the ‘cupping’ method for draining toxins from the body, ‘accelerating the healing crisis of disease’ and/or reducing stagnation in the flow of blood or life energy (‘chi’).


The cupping utilized in Chinese medicine is typically referred to as fire cupping. The name is derived from the fact that suction is produced by inserting a flame into the glass cup and quickly removing it before applying it to the skin. The heat inside of the cup produces suction by the elimination of oxygen.


MediCupping uses a medical grade machined to create the suction and pumping movements to create a soothing, consistent and effective treatment.


One of the greatest features of MediCupping is its non-invasive nature by way of decompression. Most massage techniques are intrusive, meaning they enter your body’s space through compression into your tissue.  Since Vacuum Therapy uses decompression to lift and separate your tissue, it is often painless, while gaining the same results as traditional massage techniques.  Very restricted or inflamed areas of the body will sometimes pinch a little at first, but as the tissue softens, most discomfort will diminish.


MediCupping is a holistic treatment that many athletes seek out for injury rehabilitation. Since tissues get tight and harden and are often difficult to stretch out, Medicupping will help stretch out the muscles to release tension that has built up in that area and bringing nutrients back to the muscles and tissues that need to be repaired.  Enables water absorption and renewed blood flow to undernourished and dehydrated tissue. Removal of  Lactic acid  and  the muscles get the oxygen needed as well as the elimination of old waste and congestion to maintain muscle health. 


Medicupping will help maintain athletes strength and flexibility and allow your body to heal in ways you may not even know you needed.   Athletes worldwide are turning to Medicupping to give their body the necessary care after training, competitions which will help guard against future injury.


The most common athletic complaints that are treated with medicupping therapy are: neck and shoulder pain, back pain, joint pain, glutes, hip flexors, chronic muscle imbalances or muscle spasm, and plantar fasciitis.


You do not need to be an athlete to receive the benefits of Medicupping. There are other benefits beyond injury rehab. Fibromyalgia, scarring, arthritis, and chronic neck tightness are just a handful of other conditions in which Medicupping therapy is used.

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