I offering the following packages to help you get started in taking care of yourself and your organization. Rates vary depending on the number of days I come out each month or if it just a one time event or recognition.

My regular rate is typically $75/Hour per therapist when booking less than 3 hours at a time. I typically have a 3 hour minimum but depending on the event and location we can adjust this to accomodate your particular needs. If you book 4 hours or more I can give you a rate of $65/Hour.

Company Sponsored - Your company offers "Free" 10 or 15 minute chair or table massage for employees/associates. Pro Health Therapy invoices company for hourly Corporate massage services. The company pays 100% and I offer the organization a discounted rate of $65/Hour. This discount also implies that you are booking a minimum of 4 hours of massage.

Company SubsidizedCompany pays a discounted amount per hour/per massage therapist ($40/Hour). Rate may vary depending on location. Associates pay the rest directly to the therapist at a rate of $10 for a 15 minute corporate massage. I can also customize for shorter or longer massages. Based on my experience, 10 - 15 minute massages are the best for scheduling convenience and allow enough time to address the associates needs the best.

In my experience and depending on your organizations budget, I recommend the Company subsidizing the program to really get the results from having such a program. Namely, increased employee morale, injury prevention and workplace stress reduction. This investment may prove to be the best return on your money as employees bend over backwards for companies that show they care for them. I have seen it time and time again.

There is a minimum of 3 hours with a maximum of 6 hours to schedule corporate massage at your location. Hourly rates include scheduled breaks for massage therapists so as to maintain the level of quality massage therapy we provide. Rates may vary depending on location or a setup fee may apply.

You may call at (619) 420-9600 for more details.

We understand that every organization is unique and therefore I'll customize a schedule and payment plan that fits the corporate massage needs of your company. Please call and we can discuss the details to make your corporate massage a day to remember for you and your associates.