Magnets are known to have positive effects on the body since they can induce the movement of electric currents through the body. These currents aid in the blood circulation in the body and since blood carries oxygen-rich nutrients to different parts of the body, magnets can assist in the healing of many ailments. Magnets when combined with the healing effects of cupping therapy have shown to do wonders for patients’ health. 


The therapist begins by applying soothing oils or creams on the patient’s skin. The mechanism used for magnetic cupping is similar to vacuum cupping and mechanical pumps are used to create suction. Except in this case, a small cylindrical magnet is also fitted to the bottom of the cup. When a vacuum is created inside the inverted cup, the skin rises and comes in contact with the magnet. Since the magnet is set to target specific points on the patient’s body, it is also a form of acupressure. In this way, magnetic cupping provides the benefits of both cupping therapy and acupressure.


As per the needs of the patient, the therapist might place more than one or two cups on the skin simultaneously. The cups can be left on the skin for about 15 minutes at a time. To release the cups, the therapist relaxes the suction by again using the air pump. Patients might notice a little redness and circular marks on the skin after a magnetic cupping session. But these marks typically disappear in a few days’ time.

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