There is no better way to show your employees, associates and coworkers that you care about thier health and well-being. Todays work environment is more demanding than ever. A person spends most of their day at work and coupled with their day to day lives, stress and tension is becoming more common in todays environment. By offering onsite massage at the workplace employees can address common issues such as low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches and high blood pressure. In addition, we help alleviate workplace injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Offering Corporate Massage will help increase employee morale and reduce sick days by enhancing your staffs overall health and wellbeing. Showing you care for your employees goes a long way towards creating a team that will go the extra mile for your organization. The amount of investment is minimal compared to the return on your investment which is often priceless.

Pro Health Therapy provides Corporate massage to your San Diego location as often as you would like and offer Corpotate chair massage in a designated space within your organization in San Diego. I can perform onsite massage on a table or chair. With the necessary space, I sometimes recommend table massage as there is more flexibility in the kinds of treatment which can be performed. In addition, the table is a more massage therapist friendly tool to provide san diego massage for long durations of time. Time consideration is also allotted for therapist breaks and transition of employees on and off the table or chair.


Please contact me for more information regarding specifics about onsite 

Corporate  massage.


If you are looking to offer chair massage at your booth or create a relaxing spa experience for your clients then look no further. I offer a simply and easy way to integrate my services to help make your event memorable and get clients to hang out at your booth or private suite. They will never forget how much you care for them and made a difference in their visit. They will associate feeling good with your brand.

I cater to conventions, tradeshow massage and special events. Anytime you want to sponsor a massage for company vendors, suppliers and affiliates let us know. I will represent your organization with the highest level of professionalism to complement your company image and provide quality massage they are sure not to forget. They will associate your brand with feeling good. Its a Win Win. Call today for rates and how we can tailor tradeshow massage for your company or organization.


With the same concept as Corporate Massage, Sports Massage Therapy provides table or chair massage that the athletic event.  Massage will help with pre and post event for the athlete helping to speed recovery, and help prevent injuries.

Please contact me for more information regarding specifics about Athletic Team Massage.


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